2014-07-13 05.21.11    DANIEL MURPHY is Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Cincinnati with affiliations in Asian Studies and Environmental Studies. As a cultural anthropologist, his research explores the interwoven relationships between humans and their environments, focusing on the cultural, political, and economic dimensions of human response to environmental change. Both in his research and as an educator, Dr. Murphy is deeply committed to the application of anthropological perspectives in the development of theoretically sound yet practical solutions to a range of human problems including rural poverty, environmental degradation, and adaptation to climate change. Inspired by Paul Robbins’ notion of political ecology as the “hatchet and the seed” and Nancy Scheper-Hughes’ engagements in critically applied medical anthropology, this perspective could be called a CRITICAL APPLIED POLITICAL ECOLOGY.

“In our most theoretical of moods, we may be nearest to our most practical applications” – A.N. Whitehead

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