Research Program
Dr. Murphy’s current research is embedded in two, long-term programmatic interests: 1) ethnographic research on household vulnerability and poverty among mobile pastoralists in Mongolia (see Mongolia page) and 2) applied research on assessing community vulnerability to climate change and adaptation planning among rural communities in the United States (see Western US or Ohio pages). The former is a longstanding project that has evolved from my dissertation research on rural governance and pastoral mobility in the context of disaster and the latter project is an extension from my postdoctoral work on community vulnerability to climate change in rural Montana.

Please explore the regional tabs above to learn more about Dr. Murphy’s research and publications. 

Theoretical interests: Environmental anthropology, economic anthropology, political ecology, and science and technology studies
Topical interests: Economic development, environmental governance, pastoralism, disasters and risk, climate change, applied anthropology
Regional Interests: Mongolia, Inner Asia, and Western US

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