Dr. Murphy’s primary focus in teaching anthropology has been to present the discipline as both a lens for appreciating human diversity and a method for gaining practical understanding and knowledge about the world. Anthropology is at the core of a university education and, because of its broad focus on the cultural, physical, linguistic, and historical diversity of humankind, helps bind a diverse array of traditional disciplines in ways that benefit a student as both a global citizen and in their chosen paths of study.  This perspective is evident in Dr. Murphy’s courses which aim to arm students with a toolbox of concepts, methods, and case studies that permit greater cross-cultural communication, complex problem-solving, and engaged citizen-action. His teaching strategies draw largely on learner-centered approaches in pedagogy that stimulate student interest and comprehension as well as engage students where they are at. In this vein, Dr. Murphy joins students in the process of learning itself rather than “teaching to them” and guides them in “learning how to learn”. Finally, his courses and mentoring aim to reflect the simple idea that learning is fun!

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