Western US

Dr. Murphy’s research in the Western US emerges from his postdoctoral position in the College of Forestry and Conservation at the University of Montana under the direction of Laurie Yung. With Daniel R. Williams of the Rocky Mountain Research Station (USFS) in Ft. Collins, our research has focused on assessing community vulnerability to climate change and crafting climate change adaptation planning tools that foster the kind of social learning needed to bridge the social and ecological sciences as well as incorporate local communities and their knowledge(s) in the production of various strategies and decisions. Below are descriptions of our work in Montana and Colorado, our funders, and publications as well as possible future avenues of research in the American West.

See also: Community Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity Project

Big Hole

MONTANA – Scenario-based Methods to Assess Community Vulnerability to Climate Change – Big Hole Valley

Key partners: College of Forestry, University of Montana; Rocky Mountain Research Station (US Forest Service)

Funding: Rocky Mountain Research Station; Montana Institute on Ecosystems (NSF EPSCoR)


COLORADO – Community Vulnerability to Climate Change Project – Grand County

Key partners: College of Forestry, University of Montana: Rocky Mountain Research Station (US Forest Service)

Funding: Rocky Mountain Research Station

Southwest Colorado Socio-Ecological Resilience Project – Gunnison and San Juan Valleys

Key partners: North Central Climate Science Center, Colorado State University, US Geological Survey, Rocky Mountain Research Station (USFS), College of Forestry, University of Montana; The Nature Conservancy; Mountain Studies Institute (Fort Lewis College); Colorado Natural Heritage Program

Funding: Northern Central Climate Science Center (DOI); Rocky Mountain Research Station (USDA FS)


Dr. Murphy plans to return to Montana in the coming years focusing on rural transformations in the Big Hole Valley. In the meantime, he continues to engage in anthropological and social science research on the American West and seeking out collaborations with fellow scholars and communities to address key problems from endangered species conservation to sustainable grazing systems. Students interested in conducting research in the West should contact Dr. Murphy about possible research opportunities and  topics.


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